Ultimate Forms are evolved forms of some of the aliens found in the Ultimatrix. Some of them have completely change their physical appearance, while some simply change their color with some minor extras. However, all Ultimates have enhanced powers/abilities.

History and ConceptEdit

The "Evolutionary Function" was an additional feature Albedo added to the Ultimatrix after stealing it from Azmuth. The Evolutionary Function works by placing the DNA of the alien in a certain simulation, making it suffer the worst possible scenario in millions of theoretical years, thus evolving the alien.

The Ultimate versions of the aliens enhance their main powers, but sometimes remove some of their secondary features/powers. Ultimate Swampfire loses Swampfire's regeneration ability, Ultimate Spidermonkey loses the second set of arms and lacks the tail, Ultimate Humungousaur can't grow and Ultimate Echo Echo can not duplicate himself.


To activate this, the user presses the Ultimatrix symbol, causing it to grow four spikes, the user is then consumed by a green or purple light and goes Ultimate.


  • According to Dwayne, Ben is scared of the Ultimates, but thinks they are cool.
  • Every Ultimate has a new or altered ability that the normal form didn't have.
  • Albedo is the first person to use an Ultimate.
  • According to Dwayne, Ben feels discomfort when going Ultimate.
  • According to Dwayne, the Ultimate Forms DNA is not in the Codon Stream.