Serpent UA
Ssserpent is a villain in that first appeared in Ben 10: Alien Force.


Not much is known about his background. He has snake venom like a normal snake does. He appears to be very slimy and have snake-headed hands. He so far appears to be one of Ben's weakest enemies, but is able to hold his own against Gwen and Kevin.

Alien Force AppearanceEdit

Ssserpent first appeared in Vengeance of Vilgax: Part 1. He proved to be tough for even Gwen and Kevin only to be easily defeated by the arrival of Ben as Cannonbolt.

Ultimate Alien AppearancesEdit

Ssserpent returned in Video Games been paroled out the Null Void Prison, he tries to fight Ben only to be crushed by two cars that Four Arms used as weapons.

Ssserpent makes his second appearance in Ultimate Alien in the episode The Perfect Girlfriend, where this time he is a much bigger threat. He has learned and been watching Ben so somehow he planned for Ben to use Goop. He was able to beat Goop by trapping him in a machine, planning to seperate Goop into the different components. However, when the police showed up he ran for it. Later, it appears that he can shed his skin like a real snake and it is unknown where he is now.


Ssserpent is able to strangle his opponents' body like an Anaconda and also bite others which might contain poison and he can spit an acidic liquid described as snake venom by Kevin when Ssserpent spit acid on his face and it hurt him although he had already absorbed a rock.


  • It is confirmed by Dwayne McDuffie that his name is 'Ssserpent' (with three S's, not one).