Ben 10

Kenneth Tennyson

Kenneth Tennyson is alternate Ben Tennyson's son. On his tenth birthday, he received a duplicate Omnitrix from his father. He made his first and last appearance in the non-canon episode in the Original Series, Ken 10.


Ken is very much like his father was when he was 10 years old. Like Ben, Ken had access to only 10 alien forms in the beginning with his Omnitrix, but he later gained access to more. He was also shown to be slightly more resourceful than his father was by his use of Grey Matter to hack the Omnitrix and unlock the Master Control.


Ken bears a striking resemblance to his father when he was his age. His clothes are modeled after his fathers these include a white t-shirt with black accents and borders at the sleeves, and his trademark baggy green cargo pants. Ken's eye color is even the same as Ben's. But his skin tone is slightly tanned which he inherited from Kai.


  • He is named after Ben's cousin, Ken, who is Gwen's older brother.
  • According to the pop-up edition of Ken 10, Ben 10,000 used his smartest aliens to create another Omnitrix.