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Species Human
First Appearance And Then There Were 10

Earth, also known as "Terra" in Inspector 13, is the home planet of Humans, a few aliens, some human/alien hybrids and many animal life forms, located in the Solar System as the third planet.

Earth is said to be a Level 2 planet and it appears as the common setting in many Ben 10 episodes.

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Video GamesEdit

Ben 10: Protector of EarthEdit

Earth is the main setting of the game with the Tennysons travelling all over the United States to battle enemies.

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien Cosmic DestructionEdit

Earth is the main setting of this game too, being the location where the Potis Altiare was sent by the Galvan when it crashed on earth many years ago.

Possible FutureEdit

The Earth begins to have a substantial ethnicity diverse population of aliens sometime between Ben being 15 and 30.

Another alternate future of the Earth was seen in Paradox, when Professor Paradox showed Ben and his team what will happen if the time-warping creature gets out of Los Soledad and wanders off in the whole world with the Earth looking like a deserted wasteland.

Ben 10-Generator Rex: Heroes UnitedEdit

A parallel version of Earth exists where E.V.O.s and the Providence exist and nearly every living being is infected by Nanites.


  • According to Dwayne, four of Earth's native species DNA is in the Omnitrix.
    • According to Dwayne, two of them are Human and Dolphin DNA.
    • According to Derrick J. Wyatt, the third are white lab mice from another dimension.[1]
  • According to Rook, Earth is an open system.
  • According to Driba, aliens are not allowed to urinate in Earth's bushes as it could lead to an environmental catastrophe.
  • According to Max, most of Earth's myths and legends come from alien encounters in ancient times.
  • According to Retaliator,
    • Stonehenge is a Galvan practical joke.
    • The pyramids were built by the Tetramands.
  • Earth is the richest source of iron in the universe.
  • When Azmuth first discovered Earth (as he revealed he did in Solitary Alignment) he called it "Terra" (which is Latin for earth, in both of its meanings).[2]
  • Earth's peanuts are a source of ultimate power for Trumbipulor's species.


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