Primus Codon Stream

The Codon Stream

The Codon Stream is the system of rivers of alien DNA that are spread throughout Primus. The stream originates in a volcano, which is actually the processing plant for the DNA of the stream. There are no non-sapient species DNA in the Codon Stream. Originally, there was thought to be 10,000 DNA samples in the Codon Stream (as hinted from the episode Ben 10,000). But Azmuth has revealed that there are samples from every sapient species of every world in the Milky Way Galaxy: over 1,000,000.


The river has a connection to the Omnitrix and Ultimatrix, with the fact that they are wireless receivers connected to the Codon Stream, allowing them to alter the DNA of its wearer meaning without Primus and the Codon Stream they be useless.

When activated, the Omnitrix/Ultimatrix open up a holographic display of all aliens unlocked. When the faceplate is pushed back into place, it emits a signal that is picked up by the volcano on Primus, then sent throughout the Codon Stream and back to the Omnitrix/Ultimatrix, with the selected alien's DNA attached. The DNA is then merged with the wearer's DNA, and modified to fit the aliens DNA and turns the user into the selected alien. This could be why there's a green background when Ben turns into an alien.


  • In Primus, it can be shown that someone can absorb the energy of the Codon Stream to become more powerful.
  • Codon means a basic unit of genetic code.
  • The Unitrix a prototype model of the Omnitrix is not connected to the server as all DNA is stored locally. It has no connection to the Codon Stream and it was intended to store the alien DNA each in its own separate container.
  • According to Dwayne, Dolphin DNA is in the Codon Stream, as well as two other real life Earth animals.
  • Xenocyte DNA was in the Codon Stream, sampled in Max Out, but the Codon Stream noticed that Xenocytes are non-sapient, so it deleted the DNA.
  • According to Dwayne, it wasn't Azmuth or Albedo that Azmuth got a Galvan DNA sample from and Myaxx was not where Azmuth got a Chimera Sui Generis DNA sample.
  • According to Dwayne, some of these samples include Osmosian DNA, Pierce's alien half DNA and Human DNA.