Clockwork is the Codon Stream's sample of a Chronosapien from timela


The Omnitrix symbol is located on his chest.

Ultimate AlienEdit

  • His body armor is copper with black stripes with a transparent piece of green glass on his stomach revealing moving gears inside of him.


  • 16 yr. old Ben: He has a similar appearance from Ultimate Alien except he has a larger body and has holes protruding from his head. He has a reconstructed stomach and the glass is in the shape of a hexagon. On the back he has a black stripe that splits into two smaller ones with a keyhole between the two lines
  • 11 yr. old Ben: He has a thinner and rounder head, wears a white and black shirt. He has a smiley face and unlike 16 yr. old Ben's Clockwork his glass is circular.


  • Chronokinesis: As his name suggest he has the power to control time much like Eon. This allows him to do several feats.
    • Time Travel: He can travel through time as stated by the Ultimate Alien's Ben 10,000.
    • Time Ray: He can produce a ray that can come out of his hands or chest that can age anything it hits to dust. It is also possible this ray can send people through time.
    • Past Viewing: Just by rotating the protrusion on his head he has the ability to see what has happened in the past as seen in The Eggman Cometh.
    • Slowing Time: Also by rotating the protrusion on his head he can also slow down time to make him seem much faster then usual as seen in Bengeance is Mine.


  • Clockwork is not very durable, due to his copper like body, therfore he is an easy target for energy and close range attack, as shown when Overlord's glove's beam striked him in the arm shutting off his gears along with the Ultimatrix, when he reverted Ben's arm was broken, and when one of Vilgax's Squid Monster hit him on the gear on his head which as a result left him tempporarally paralyzed.
  • Because of his large body, he is quite low on stamina or he tires out quickly.


  • Clockwork is the third alien with time-traveling powers with the first being Eon, and the second being Alien X.
  • Clockwork is the forth alien with an accent, with the first being Brainstorm, the second being NRG, and the third being ChamAlien.
  • When Clockwork was first used by Gwen first in Inspector #13, his powers were not used.
  • Clockwork makes gears sounds when he moves.


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