Ultimate Ben 10,000

"Ben 10,000", is 16-years Ben, twenty years from Ultimate Alien's timeframe.


Ben 10,000 battled Eon in his headquarters and easily defeated him. Paradox reveals this is a different Ben 10,000 than the one seen in Ben 10,000 and Ken 10 and is Ben's older-self and thus from the same timeline as Alien Force and Ultimate Alien.


Ben 10,000 has unlocked and mastered all the powers of his Ultimatrix; which looks just like the recalibrated Omnitrix. In addition to instant access for as long as wanted (including Ultimate Forms), he can do so with all of their powers without transforming into them by instead using his one of his most powerful ultimate form, Ultimate Ben.

Ben 10,000 is incredibly skilled in hand-to-hand combat, able to easily fend off several skilled assailants with no aid from his powers. He has an above average memory, as he is able to remember even conversations from years ago with precise clarity. He has also learned "a few tricks" (referring to spells) from Gwen in the future.


  • Confirmed by Eugene, this isn't Ben's definate future, but at the moment, he's Ben's most possible future at the moment.
  • Unlike the other Ben 10,000, this Ben 10,000 switches back to his human form after the battle is over.
  • Ben 10,000 can still do the actual alien transformation, but he just prefers to use his Ultimate Ben for quicker access.
  • Ben 10,000 stated that he enjoyed annoying Azmuth when he restored Ben's lost alien forms, by adding a few new aliens that Ben hasn't unlocked yet after restoring both versions of Swampfire, Way Big, and reunlocking all the other original series aliens.
  • It is also implied that Ben 10,000 could've completely unlocked the Master Control for Ben but refuses when asked to stating that it would get him in more trouble with Azmuth, implying that he has done several things over the past 20 years that angered Azmuth even more.
  • At one point, Ben 10,000 said he was president of earth and defeated an alien invasion during his term in office. He says Gwen became president after his term (even admits Gwen was better at the day-to-day responsibilities the job required than he was and said she's a shoe-in for a second term).