An Anti-Gravity Projector

Anti-Gravity Projectors are small, UFO-shaped devices that projects a field of artificial gravity. It was made for the Polymorphs to use when travelling to other worlds/planets.

Viscosia's gravity is less dense then most others, so if a Polymorph were to deactivate the Anti-Gravity Projector while on other planets, such as Earth, they would collapse into a puddle and be unable to move. The disk floats above their head, allowing them to move and function as they would on Viscosia. The Anti-Gravity Projector's effect will wear off if it gets to far away from the Polymorph, or if it gets hit hard enough. There is also a button on the top of it which can be used to deactivate it.


  • According to Dwayne, Anti-Gravity Projectors are like toys to Galvans, and humans probably won't be able to invent something like this for hundreds of years.